What is needed for my Pet Tracker to work?

 Your Pet tracker requires the following:

  • A subscription plan with a phone number
  • A WiFi network to setup Safe Zones
  • Apple iOS or Android device

What phone number is the Pintrac app asking for me to enter?

The Pintrac app needs the phone number of the Pet Tracker itself. This number is assigned during activation. Please do not enter a bogus number or number of your own phone or your Pet Tracker will not work correctly. If you do not know your tracker phone number, please contact your account representative.

I powered on my tracker, but the app cannot seem to find my tracker?

The tracker uses Bluetooth to transmit the device details to the app; ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile phone. Scanning for your tracker may take a few minutes to discover. If you still have problems, take out the battery and re-insert and try again.

I powered on my tracker, but it keeps showing offline?

Please make sure your tracker battery is fully charged. The tracker may turn on briefly if the battery is critically low but will not have enough power to connect to the network and register with the server. Make sure you have properly added your tracker phone number during the setup process. Once you add your tracker you should power cycle your device so the tracker can register the new tracker with your account. Also, if the device has not reported into the server for 48 hours it will show offline in the app.

I cannot seem to find my tracker when attempting to add to My Trackers.

Before you attempt to add your Pet Tracker please make sure your battery is fully charged and Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. Make sure that your tracker is powered on and ready. When you first power on your tracker the LEDs will turn green. Once the green lights turn off your tracker is ready to be connected to the Pintrac app. Your tracker will not be available for discovery until the green LEDs have shut off. Once your tracker is in a ready state scanning may take 1-2 minutes.

Safe Zones

Do I need to setup a Safe Zone?

It is highly recommended you setup a Safe Zone. Setting up a Safe Zone will increase your battery life. Without setting up a Safe Zone your Pet Tracker will only last less than 1 day.

How many Safe Zones can I create?

You can create multiple Safe Zones. The maximum is 10. You can also create a single Safe Zone that includes multiple Wi-Fi networks. This could be a router and an extender in your home. You can also create multiple Safe Zones at different locations.

I often get Safe Zone alerts even though my pet is inside my house.

The Safe Zone is defined by the signal of your current Wi-Fi network. If you have weak or dead spots in your house, you may receive false alerts. Also, Wi-Fi signals can fluctuate or have interference. If you are seeing unexpected alerts often just resetting your router may help. You may also consider adding an additional Wi-Fi access point to improve your coverage in dead spots.

How big can I make my Safe Zone?

Your Safe Zone is controlled by your home Wi-Fi network. The larger your Wi-Fi network coverage the larger your Safe Zone can be.

I’m having issues setting up my Safe Zone.

Please check the following:

  • Your tracker device is near your WiFi router
  • Your WiFi router is supporting and broadcasting 2.4GHz
  • The Pet Tracker does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • If issues persist, try and remove the battery and reinsert. Once the device powers up and you get a power on alert please proceed to setup your Safe Zone again
  • The Wi-Fi scan list will show the 10 strongest Wi-Fi networks near you

How long will it take to notify me when my pet leaves the Safe Zone?

Your tracker is set to scan for the Safe Zone every 60 seconds when movement is detected. Once the tracker determines you have left the Safe Zone it will connect to the network and provide the Pintrac server with the tracker location information. Typically, you will be notified within 1 to 2 minutes of your pet either leaving or entering a Safe Zone. Timing may also be impacted depending on your cellular network coverage.


How long should my battery last?

This all depends on your use cases. As long as the Pet Tracker is inside of the Safe Zone the device is using very little battery. However, whenever you leave the Safe Zone your device will then connect to the cellular network to enable live tracking or locate now. Connecting to the cellular network requires greater amounts of battery.

Expectations are below.

Pet is within Safe Zone ~2-3 days
Pet has no Safe Zone and is connected to LTE with no live tracking ~1 day
Continuous Live tracking ~1 hour. Live tracking has the biggest impact on battery life.

Depending on how you mix the use cases the battery life will vary. It is recommended that you change your battery every 1-2 days.

How do I install the battery?

Line up the 3 round pogo pins, insert the battery into the tracker unit and twist slowly clockwise until you hear or feel a click. Once your battery is properly installed the green lights on the tracker will turn on.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

General charge time is 2-3 hours. The Chargers LED will blink green while charging and be solid green when the battery is fully charged.

My battery does not seem to charge?

Make sure you have a solid connection with the battery and wall charger. You should hear a click when the battery is secured. Also, you can use the lock labels to help align the battery. The charger LED will blink green when the battery is charging and will be solid green when the battery is fully charged. It typically takes 2-3 hours to fully charge your battery.


Is my Pet Tracker dust and waterproof.

Your tracker is designed to be waterproof and durable (rated IPX7). It's designed to go anywhere with your pet. Your pet can go through water, mud, rain and snow.

What size of collars can be used for my Pet Tracker?

The Pet Tracker is designed to fit most collars up to 1”. Also, it is recommended for pets greater than 6 lbs.

Why does my tracker have screws?

The tracker device has small screws to help secure the tracker to your pet’s collar. The tracker is designed to be ruggedized. The intent is to make your tracker rugged enough to endure your pet’s activities. The mounting design is intended to avoid the device from being removed easily.


When can I perform live tracking?

The live tracking feature is only available when your tracker is outside of the Safe Zone. Your Pet Tracker only supports active tracking. Meaning you must choose to start tracking to see location updates.

When can I perform Locate Now?

The locate now feature is only available when your tracker is outside of the Safe Zone.

Why does tracking sometimes show blue dots and other times show purple.

The color of the breadcrumb dots while tracking indicates the GPS coverage details. A blue dot indicates your tracker is in good GPS coverage while a purple dot indicates your tracker is in poor GPS coverage. If your tracker is showing a purple dot, then your location may not be as accurate.

How does the tracker know where my pet is located?

The Pintrac Pet Tracker uses advanced GPS and 4G LTE technology to determine your pet’s location. GPS requires visibility to multiple satellites to ensure location accuracy.  GPS can be hindered by buildings, vegetation, etc. If GPS coverage is poor or unavailable the tracker will attempt to use Wi-Fi location services by surrounding access points. If both GPS and Wi-Fi location services are poor the device will provide a broad location update.

Location history does not seem to always show my pets locations while outside the Safe Zone.

Passive tracking is not supported. You must choose to start tracking to receive location updates. All active Location updates will be available in the location history.

Tracker LEDs

What do the LEDs on the Pet Tracker indicate?

See LED summary below:

  • Solid LED for about 10 seconds – Tracker is booting up
  • Flashing green LED – Tracker is communicating with the Pintrac Server
  • LEDs off – The device is now in a ready state

Pintrac application

What versions of Android are supported?

Version 9.0 or later.

What versions of iOS are supported?

12.1.3 or later.

I forgot my password what do I do?

You can select the” Forgot Password” option located at the bottom right of the sign in page. Enter the email address used during setup. Pintrac will send a temporary one-time pin (OTP) to this email address. After you receive the OTP code in your email you can use it to setup your new password. Your password must be at least 6 characters including at least 1 digit, and at least 1 upper case letter.

I forgot my Access Key what do I do?

Your access key is provided on the access key card that was provided in the box when you purchased your Pet Tracker. If you have misplaced the card you can also check the device label. The access key is the last 4 digits of the IMEI on the device label located under the battery of your tracker device.

Activity Monitoring

How often does the activity report update?

In general step counts are not real-time. The step count is only updated to the server/app when the following conditions occur.

  • If the battery level drops from 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, etc.
  • If the pet goes out of the safe zone or an alert is triggered
  • If Live tracking is being performed
  • At the end of the day

How are my pets steps counted?

Your tracker uses a special algorithm similar to pedometer to understand pet movements. Those movements are converted into digital measurements when attached to your pet. It is important to note that your pets step count may vary based on size, height and weight. Step counts are only reported under specific conditions. Step counts are not always real-time and are only reported during Live tracking, at 20% battery drops and at the end of each day.

Share Tracker

How do I share a tracker with a friend or family member?

From the pet profile menu you can go to Share Tracker and choose Invite Users. After that you enter the details of someone you want to invite. It is important to note that the other person has to accept the invite from within the app. Example below.

1) Current User sends and invite to a new user’s email.
2) The new user downloads the Pintrac app and logs in with the generated username and password.
3) Once the new user logs in they can also change the password if desired by selecting the Pintrac menu and choosing User Profile.
4) After the new user is logged into Pintrac they are ready to accept invites.
5) The new user accepts the invite and can now view or track the pet