What is needed for my Auto Tracker to work?

 Your Auto tracker requires the following:

  • A subscription plan with a phone number

  • A vehicle compliant with OBDII protocols, manufactured after 1998

  • Apple iOS or Android device

What phone number is the Pintrac app asking for me to enter?

The Pintrac app requires your personal phone number to authenticate your profile and to send Alerts and messages about your vehicle’s location and health to your device.

My device LED never turned on after plugging it in

There are two possibilities for this. 1. The CF130 is not fully plugged into the vehicle’s OBDII port. Please remove and re-insert it, confirming it is fully plugged into the port.  2. The CF130 device checks the vehicle battery level upon installation.  If the battery is below a certain threshold, the device will not turn on.  Please check your vehicle’s battery level to insure it is fully charged.

My device LED is GREEN when I first plug it into my vehicle.

The device was previously registered to another vehicle and now requires a Factory Reset.  Please press the Factory Reset button on the side of the device and then continue the OBDII Setup Process.

My device IAQ Sensor is not working.

The device sensor requires at least 3 days of aging to the vehicles internal air.  After this period, the device will stabilize and provide accurate IAQ measurements.

My device LED continues to Flash Blue after pressing the synch button.

The GOLD synch button on the bottom of the device needs to be pressed for two seconds AFTER the LED begins flashing BLUE.  Please remove the device and restart the installation process remembering to follow the sequence diagramed below:

  1. Plug in Device

  2. Start your car

  3. Wait for the LED to begin flashing BLUE

  4. Press the GOLD synch button on the bottom of the device for two seconds.

  5. The LED will turn to solid BLUE at this point

Installation is complete when the LED turns GREEN