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Vehicle Hotspot & Monitoring App

Whether you want a mobile hotspot, need to monitor your vehicle or are looking for a way to manage a fleet, Pintrac Drive OBDII Device and App are the perfect solution.
Pintrac Drive OBDII Device

Device plugs directly into the vehicles OBD port working with 98% of all vehicles. Device provides fast reliable broadband Wi-Fi to up to 10 devices, is equipped with GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking, diagnostic technologies and air quality sensor to record important data provide peace of mind.

Pintrac Drive App Features
  • Driver Alerts and Notifications including high speed, tow, speed threshold, movement, tampering and maintenance alerts.
  • Driver Analysis Feature records rapid acceleration, harsh braking and ignition events.
  • Vehicle Health & Diagnostics provides timely maintenance information before costly repair is needed by providing simple descriptions with DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code).
  • Create Custom Geo-Fence Zones to know when and where vehicle enters or exits up to five pre-defined Geo-fence zones.
  • Indoor Air Quality Sensor can alert driver to dangerous CO or other air contaminants.

In addition to monitoring your vehicle and providing fast internet connection to passengers,  Pintrac Drive is a reliable means for tracking and managing rental cars, leases and fleets. If you are looking for a vehicle management solution, be sure to schedule a demo!

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