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Cloud Management for Mobile Devices

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Designed for Educational Institutions and Enterprises of all size.
  • Manages network of  LTE mobile device hotspots.
  • Allows data and time management for remote workers, students and more.
  • Control, configure and update high volume of devices simply and securely.
Mobile Device Management

Works with all Franklin Wireless LTE Mobile Hotspots (RT410 Pictured)

Benefits for Enterprise

  • Keeps Managers and Remote Workers Connected, Simply and Securely.
  • Direct Control and Configuration of Devices through MDM.
  • Organization, User and Device Management in Multiple levels.
  • Quick Remote Updates When Change is Required.
  • Two Factor Authentication.
  • Defined Data Volume, Daily Data Usage Report and Accumulated Over Billing Cycle.
  • Easy Use with Simple User Interface

Benefits for Education:

  • Keeps Educators and Students Connected, Simply and Securely.
  • Direct Control and Access to Schools.
  • Powers Internet Access at School or Remotely.
  • Allow for Time of Day Control and Content Filtering
  • Data Usage Reporting and Connectivity Management.
  • Supports the Latest and Most Advanced Security Protocols.
  • Fully Customizable Solution for Client Based Content Filtering.
  • Simple Interface with Interactive Dashboard for IT Admins.
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