Pintrac Pet Tracker

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LTE Connectivity

Real-Time Tracking

Water Resistant

Activity Monitor


  • Small lightweight device.
  • Fastens securely to your pets collar (not included).
  • Comes with two (2) interchangeable batteries.
  • IPX7 water-resistant guaranteed.
  • Utilizes LTE technology to provide real time information.
Pintrac Pet Tracker

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Pintrac Pet

Set up a geofence and get notified if your pet leaves it’s “Safe Zone.”

  • Real-Time Tracking  gives an activity report of the number of steps and calories burned by your pet.
  • Mapping Function is simple to read allowing you to view multiple tracker locations on the display.
  • Geo-Fence Feature allows you to establish a virtual perimeter where your pet resides and notifies you immediately if your pet has left its “Safe-Zone.”
  • Share Data on your pet with family, friends and as many people as you want simply.
App Available on IOS and Android

In addition to pets, Pintrac can be used to track other important assets. Simply attach the device to your valuables.

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Pintrack Pet Tracker