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LT711 Pet Tracker User Manual


All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of material provided in this document at the time of release. However, the items described in this document are subject to continuous development and improvement. All specifications are subject to change. Franklin Wireless will inform all parties of changes on a best effort’s basis however, we are not responsible for any loss or damages incurred related to the use of information contained in this document.


Pintrac™ Overview

The Pintrac™ platform is an end to end solution that includes smart Pet Trackers, a cloud platform and Pintrac™ App services. Pintrac™ provides overall location services for monitoring and keeping your pet safe. You can create Safe Zones to know when your pet is within a safe area. You can locate or track your pet when they are outside the Safe Zone. You can also monitor your pet’s health and activity with step counts and calories burned.  


Initial setup steps

In order to properly setup your tracker you will need to perform the following steps.

1)    Fully Charge your battery for 2-3 hours
2)    Make sure you have your current phone number and access code available. There should be a Pintrac™ card provided in the box. If you do not have these details, please ask your account representative.
3)    Download Pintrac™ for Android or iOS
4)    Sign up for Service
5)    Sign in to the Pintrac™ App
6)    Add your Pet Tracker to the Pintrac™ App (reboot Pet Tracker afterwards)
7)    Setup your home Safe Zone
8)    Remove pet’s collar
9)    Attach your Pet Tracker to the pet’s collar
10) Attach collar to the Pet  

What’s in the box?

Your Pet Tracker should come with the following items in the box.

   ●      Pet Tracker x 1
   ●      Removable battery x 2
   ●      Wall Charger x 1
   ●      Mini Screwdriver x 1
   ●      Quick Start Guide x 1
   ●      Terms & Condition x 1


Charging the battery

Please make sure you have completely charged your battery before using.

General charging time is 2-3 hours. Insert and twist your Pet Tracker battery clockwise into the provided wall charger. When you first plug the charger in with the battery inserted the green LED will begin to blink indicating the battery is charging. When the green LED is solid green then your battery is fully charged. 

Battery Consumption

The primary use case for the Pet Tracker is to monitor and locate your pet with customizable Safe Zones. You can also track them when they leave the configured Safe Zone.

Refer to the table below for some expected battery life scenarios.

Use CaseExpected battery life
Pet is within the Safe Zone2-3 days
No Safe Zones are configured1 day
Continuous live tracking1 hour

Depending on how you mix the use cases the battery life will vary. It is recommended that you change your battery every 1-2 days.

Battery Setup

Insert the circular battery into the Pet Tracker and twist to the right until you feel a click. You can also look to line up the line on the battery with the padlock symbol.

Charger Setup

The charger also has a locking mechanism. You should hear a click once the battery is properly inserted. If you do not see the green LED light up, please check that the battery is inserted correctly.


Plug the charger into an outlet

Green Light
Blinking: Battery charging
Solid: Battery fully charged

Initial Pet Tracker Setup on Pet Collar

Your Pet Tracker comes with a small screwdriver that is used to attach the Pet Tracker to your pet’s collar. Remove 2 of the screws and slide your pet’s collar under the rubber tunnel. Next fold the rubber tunnel back down and reinstall the screws to attach the Pet Tracker. Once you have installed the collar please proceed to install the circular battery by twisting it clockwise into the locking position. Once the LEDs turn on your Pet Tracker is powering up. After the lights go off your Pet Tracker is now ready to connect to the Pintrac™ App. 

Android and iOS support

The Pintrac™ Application is currently supported on Android and iOS.

To download the Pintrac™ mobile application simply go to the App store. For Android, this would be the Google Play store and for iOS it can be found in the App Store. Search for Pintrac™

Sign Up

When you sign up for the first-time, please input a valid email address because the OTP (One Time Pin) code delivery is only available through email.

Please follow the password requirement, at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number and 1 special character.

Sign In

Once you complete the signup process, please sign in with your username (or email address) and password.

Forgot Password
If you have forgotten your password, please select the “Forgot Password” link on the sign in page. You will receive an OTP (One Time Pin) code sent to your email to complete the reset process. The Email address must be the same one used during initial registration and sign up.


 If the email entered is different from what is used during sign up, One Time Pin (OTP) code received will NOT work.

Sign Out

In order to sign out of your account go to the main map view and select the menu in the top left corner. Next select Sign out and confirm.

Adding your Pet and Activating your Pet Tracker

It’s important to make sure the battery is fully charged before inserting the battery onto the Pet Tracker. For instructions please see earlier sections. Also make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your smartphone.

Before you add the Pet Tracker

Before you start the “Add Pet Tracker” process you will need to make sure you have the access code and your Pet Tracker phone number available. Each Pet Tracker will have its own access code. If you do not have both these items, you will not be able to add your Pet Tracker.

To add select the “My Pet Trackers” menu and press the “+” sign to add your Pet Tracker. Once you press the “+” sign follow the steps on the app. You should make sure your Pet Tracker is powered on and near your smartphone. During the add process, the Pintrac™ app will start scanning for your new Pet Tracker. This process may take several minutes. Once the Pet Tracker is discovered you will need to enter the access code and your Pet Tracker phone number. After you update your pet profile you will need to reboot your Pet Tracker so your new Pet Tracker can be associated with your account. 


Pet profile

During the Pet Tracker setup you will be able to choose from a list of Pet ICONs or take a photo of your pet. You can also change your pet ICON or take a photo later in the Pet Tracker information menu.

Deleting a Pet Tracker

If you wish to delete a Pet Tracker you can perform this function while in the pet profile menu.  Choose “Delete this Pet Tracker” from the bottom button.

Understanding Safe Zones

A Safe Zone is a virtual perimeter where your pet resides. The Safe Zone is determined by the coverage of your Wi-Fi network signal available at the home of your pet. The greater the Wi-Fi network coverage the better Safe Zone functionality. This product is only searching for the existence of your Wi-Fi SSID. Therefore, your Wi-Fi extender, TV, Printer, or neighbor’s Wi-Fi SSID could be your extension of Safe Zone. You can create 1 safe zone with multiple SSIDs/networks or multiple safe zones in different locations. When the Pet Tracker senses significant movement, it will scan for the presence of the Safe Zone Wi-Fi SSID every 1 min. If the Safe Zone is not detected, you will be notified by an alert that your pet has left the Safe Zone. While your Pet Tracker is idle, and your pet is not moving, the Pet Tracker will be asleep. However, when the Pet Tracker detects motion again it will start to scan for the presence of the Safe Zone. If movement stops again the Pet Tracker will return to sleep mode.

NOTE: Setting up a Safe Zone is critical to getting the best performance out of your Pet Tracker. Not doing so can greatly reduce your battery life. 

Safe Zone Colors

There are 4 different colors available for your Pet Tracker to quickly show you the status of your Pet. You can refer to the tutorial for more details.

Red – Pet is outside the Safe Zone.
Green – Pet is inside the Safe Zone.
Orange – This is a warning color that a Safe Zone has not yet been setup. 
Grey – The Pet Tracker is offline

Inside of Safe Zone

When you first power on your Pet Tracker you should receive a power on alert followed by an inside Safe Zone alert. This assumes you have already created a Safe Zone. If your Pet has left the Safe Zone and returns to the Safe Zone the Pet Tracker will send an Inside Safe Zone alert to the Pintrac™ App. 


Outside of Safe Zone

If the Pet Tracker scans for the configured Safe Zone and it is not found it will send an Out of safe Zone alert to the Pintrac™ App. Out of Safe Zone Alerts typically come within 1-2 minutes of your pet leaving the Safe Zone. When the Pet Tracker is outside of the Safe Zone you can also perform Locate Now and Live Tracking features. If you do not choose Locate Now or Live Tracking the location history will not show any updates when the pet was outside of the Safe Zone. Tracking location is on demand only. 


Setting up your Safe Zone

    1. Your Pet Tracker can support multiple Safe Zones up to 10. 
    2. Make sure the Pet Tracker is inside the signal coverage of your home Wi-Fi network when setting up the Safe Zone.
    3. To setup a Safe Zone, select the Pet profile menu and choose Safe Zone and follow the prompts.
    4. If the pet leaves the Safe Zone and your home Wi-Fi network is no longer detected the Pet Tracker will connect to the LTE network and send the Pintrac™ app an out of Safe Zone alert. An alert should be received within 1-2 minutes of the pet leaving the Safe Zone. When the pet returns to the Safe Zone an inside Safe Zone alert will be sent to the Pintrac™ App

My Trackers

When you first login to the Pintrac™ app you will be presented with a menu to add or choose your Pet Tracker. Once you choose a Pet Tracker you will be taken to the home page. If you have more than one Pet Tracker you can press the Pintrac™ button in the top left of the home screen. The My Pet Trackers screen also allows you to select the Pintrac™ menu on the left and the help and User Manual “?” on the right. 


The Home Page

The home page allows you quick access to your pets details. You can also slide to the left to get to the map view.

Home Page Features


No Item Description
1 My Tracker Menu Add and edit your trackers
2 Metal Awards Earn metals as you exercise more with your pet
3 Daily Activity Monitor daily activity
4 Battery Status Monitor battery status
5 Daily Step Goal Modify daily goals
6 Refresh Refresh the Weekly Activity chart
7 Alerts Check alerts
8 Pet Profile Edit your pet’s profile

Pet Tracker Menu

Selecting the menu on the top left allows you to add or edit a new Pet Tracker.

Edit Daily Goals

Selecting the pencil below your pet image allows you to edit your pets weight and daily goal.

Action Buttons


The circle arrow is the refresh button to update the screen.


The bell ICON shows you when you have an alert available.

Pet Profile

The Pet Profile menu allows you access to several other menus. Including Share Pet Tracker, Notifications Settings, Location History and Safe Zones.

Sharing Pet Tracker with friends and family

To share your Pet Tracker details with Friends and Family you can do the follow:

  1. Select Share Pet Tracker.
  2. Select Invite Users.
  3. Once you have invited users you can also edit or update them by using Manage users.
  4. You must be logged in with an active account to be able to send or accept invitations.

Location History

Location History will show you the latest path your pet while you were tracking.

This menu will show you the latest location update history for 1 Day, 1 Week and 1 Month. Location history will only show updates of when your Pet Tracker was reporting updates. For example, if the pet leaves a safe zone the location history will show the location at the time the pet left. If the user performed Locate Now or Live tracking that history will also be shown. If your pet leaves the safe zone and you do not choose to perform Locate Now or Live tracking the location history will not show location updates. 

Weekly Activity

Your Pet Tracker uses a special algorithm similar to a pedometer to understand pet movements. Those movements are converted into digital measurements when attached to your pet. It is important to note that your pets step count may vary based on size, height and weight. Step counts are only reported under specific conditions. In general step counts are not real time. The step count is only updated to the server/app when the following conditions occur.

  • If the battery level drops from 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, etc.
  • If the pet goes out of the safe zone or an alert is triggered.
  • If Live tracking is being performed.
  • At the end of the day.

The Pet Tracker Map View

The Map View allows you to keep track of your pet. You can perform many features while in the map view.





Back to home screen

Takes you back to the home screen


Owner position

Shows the current position of your smart phone


Location History

Shows your location tracking history


Directions to my pet

Shows directions to your pet using the local maps


Terrain Mode

Changes to terrain mode for more details


Pop out menu

Quick pop in/out menu for



Refreshes the screen


Battery Status

Indicates battery status


Reset Pet Position

Re-centers your pets position on the map

Map view features

Below is a list of features available in the map view.

Back button

The left Arrow button will take you to the home screen. You can also use the slide function if you slide right on the bottom half of the menu.   


The circle arrow button is the refresh button. Select this to refresh the screen.

Zoom reset

When you select this button it resets the pets position.

Action Menu

If you click on the double arrows facing up it will pop out the action menu.

Terrain mode

The globe icon provides and option to change the map view from standard to terrain view. In terrain view you can see actual photos of your surroundings. The icon to turn on terrain mode is a picture of a globe. You can turn on and off the terrain mode by pressing on the globe icon.


The directions button allows you to get the directions to your pet. The Pintrac™ app will use whatever is the default for your mapping system.


Selecting the Owner button will show you the current position of your phone in comparison to your pet.

Locate Now

Performing Locate Now will provide you a single update of your pet’s current location. It typically takes about 30 seconds to perform a Locate Now update.

NOTE: This feature is only available while your Pet Tracker is outside of the Safe Zone. 

Live Tracking

Using the Live Tracking feature allows you to monitor your pet once they have left the Safe Zone. If you have received an alert that your pet has left the Safe Zone you have the option to be able to perform Live Tracking to see where the pet has gone. Live tracking does not happen automatically, and the user must choose to start live tracking if a pet has left the safe zone. While live tracking is running the Pintrac™ App will refresh the screen every 30 seconds and provide you with location updates. Blue breadcrumb dots indicate you are in good GPS coverage while purple dots indicate the GPS coverage is poor. If you are in poor GPS coverage your accuracy may not be as accurate.

When you choose live tracking, you will be present with a slider bar indicating how many minutes you want to run live tracking. You can also stop live tracking at any time. Depending on the battery level will depend on how many choices you are presented. A full battery will show 60 minutes where a low battery may only show 5 or 10 minutes. NOTE: Performing live tracking for long periods of time will greatly reduce the battery life. Also, Live Tracking can only be performed while the Pet Tracker is outside of the Safe Zone.

Alerts and Notifications


The following table list the specification for the Pet Tracker device.

Pet Tracker LED Scenario

Charger LED Scenario